Portret - Patrik Votoček

Hi. I'm Patrik Votoček.

Crazy ChaosMonkey in real life. Currently working as SRE at Goodbaby Czech Republic.


I love OpenSource and I'm a member of the Nella Project. I have contributed to Nette Framework and Nette Addons Protal.

Before Goodbaby, I worked as Lead PHP Developer and DevOps in Shipito LLC and before Shipito, I worked as Nette Guru and Elasticsearch guy Slevomat.cz, the largest daily deal/bulk discount website in the Czech Republic.


My primary specialization is backend developer. I develop in Symfony Framework or Nette Framework with Doctrine ORM, and I use MySQL and Elasticsearch for database system. Last six months I've been working on migrating Shipito to AWS with Chef (OpsWorks). I use Git and Trello on a daily basis as well.